Garden Connect currently helps over 300 ambitious garden centres to grow their business. We’ve been working in the garden centre industry since 2002 and are as passionate about garden centres as you are.

Being Dutch, we like to work in close collaboration with our customers enabling both parties to be the best we can be. We are advocates of good design, practicality and modesty (but we will say that we think our websites are pretty good!).

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Our mission

Creating innovative and effective online solutions to connect ambitious garden centres with their customers.

Garden Centre owners are typically passionate about plants, so we enable them to do what they love while we ensure their websites, webshops and loyalty programs are the best they can be.


We are proud of the long term collaborations we have with over 300 garden centres, wholesalers and nurseries. Whether we develop a website, boost online & offline sales or creating a comprehensive customer journey for the shoppers; it is always a pleasure to work together and fulfil the ambitions. 

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We started our company after volunteering to build a website for our local football club, so for us being part of our community is ingrained in the company.

Today, we still support many charities in our own local community, in the town of Zwanenburg. We enable them to raise awareness and funds and to stay in touch with their stakeholders.

We also support Greenfingers who builds gardens at hospices for children. We support the industry by sharing our unique experience with partners in the Netherlands & abroad.


Garden Connect works with many partners to allow mutual customers to become more successful by offering:

  • A better customer experience
  • Time-saving solutions by automating data synchronisation
  • More innovative solutions
  • Improved marketing efforts by using data

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Awards & certificates

Our achievements have been recognised and awarded over the years. We have received several prestigious awards, including the Tuinzaken Retail Award for the most innovative company in the garden industry and an international Effie Award for the most effective advertising campaign.

In addition, our efforts in the UK have been rewarded with a UKTI Investment Award. Since the beginning, we have been rewarded with the Google Partner certificate, which demonstrates our expertise in Google Ads.

Awards & certificates

Meet the Garden Connect team

Edwin Edwin
Frank Frank
Jeffry Jeffry
Nikkie Nikkie
Sander Sander

Our story

To understand where we started our journey, we have to go back to 2001. Three long-term friends, Edwin, Peter and Frank, were working on a website for their local football club. They were only 18 years old and played in the same team and felt their club needed a website so members could communicate in between matches. So they built one, voluntarily.

After completing this website, a local company asked the 3 friends to build them a corporate website. After finishing their second website, another company called them. And another one…

Our story
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