About us

Garden Connect was founded in 2002 and has been working with independent garden centres and marketing groups since then. Currently over 200 garden centres are using our services in 4 countries. The team of Garden Connect has 22 professionals: designers, developers and marketeers which are all in-house in our offices in Luton and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The goal of Garden Connect is to improve the online presence of Garden Centres to allow them to generate more revenue: online or offline. We solely work for companies within the gardening industry which allows us to develop solutions which are specific for this industry.

Garden Connect stands for:

  • Proven success. We’re driving more customers to your garden centres - promise!
  • Tailor made solutions. Because your garden centre is different than any other.
  • We save you time.
  • Clear rates, no surprises. Almost every agreement is just for 3 months. We’ll make sure you like us so you never ever leave us.
  • Extensive service. We go further​ with our support​​,​ where others ​just ​send you invoice​s.