Consumers expect to be able to do more and more in your webshop: viewing products via augmented reality in their own homes or gardens is becoming the standard. It gives a good idea of whether a plant, garden furniture set or other product suits your customer's needs.

According to research, augmented reality leads to a 94% increase in conversion, so it is an excellent way to generate more online sales. And that makes sense because consumers can see the product in their own living space, and that allows for a much easier purchase decision!

How does Augmented Reality work?

Augmented Reality allows website visitors to virtually place products in their own homes or gardens via their smartphones. With AR, digital images are combined with reality.  Almost every Android and iOS phone supports AR, and no app is needed. You can access AR directly from your browser. 

How does this look in your webshop? Your product pages will contain a link or QR code. This link can be used on a mobile phone and opens the user's camera. Then the 3D model is loaded and the user can see how the product will look in his living room or garden. 

Would you like to experience it for yourself? Scan or click the QR code and find out how the chair below looks in your living room or garden

Extensive database of AR models

AR models are required for the use of Augmented Reality. These are not photos of products but digital models. Creating these models can be expensive and time-consuming and it quickly involves hundreds of products.

Garden Connect has an extensive database of 500+ models which companies in the garden industry can use. Using our database, you can quickly get to work and no longer have to develop models yourself. The database contains models of

  • Garden furniture
  • Barbecues
  • Christmas trees
  • Pots
  • Plants

You can use all the models in our database without extra costs. When setting up your own AR environment, we create new models specifically for your shop, which are then added to the customer database. 

The Augmented Reality solution is accessible to everyone, even if you do not use the online platform of Garden Connect itself.

Pot & plant combinations

Besides garden furniture, more product groups can benefit from AR. The demand for large indoor plants already rose before Covid-19 and has only increased since. A nice pot & plant combination can be a big investment, and AR can help the consumer make a purchase. 

Using our Pot & Plant configurator, your webshop visitors can choose a pot and matching plant. After picking, the visitor can view this combination in his living room or garden using the AR tool. In the end, he can order it with just one click.

Bring your webshop to life

Our AR Shopping tool helps you to increase conversions in your online shop. Do you want to benefit from this innovative way to help your visitors buy the perfect product for their home & garden? Get in touch today. Call +31 20 700 8250 or email for more information or an appointment with one of our professionals.

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