Save time via automation

What can be done automatically, we don't do manually. We say this often, to each other but also to our clients. Repetitive tasks can often be automated, and we're happy to think this through with you. This allows you to save time for more important things, such as the marketing of your online shop. It also helps to avoid mistakes and makes your company more efficient. There are different ways to implement automation.

Personal Marketing

Sending a newsletter manually is a thing of the past thanks to Personal Marketing. Based on visiting- and purchasing behaviour, emails are sent to individual customers at the right moment. Examples include:

  • After-purchase tips on how to plant an apple tree
  • Information in August about the top five barbecue accessories
  • After-purchase tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree
  • A thank-you to loyal customers after five visits in two months

Personal Marketing ensures that customers are targeted individually with a message that is relevant to them. This is completely automated and after the emails have been entered, the link with purchase data from the register ensures that the right emails will be sent.

Dynamic online pricing

Online shops with competitive prices often want to take on market leaders like Amazon, B&Q and Crocus. Garden Connect has developed a special module for these clients which automatically adapts prices. Has B&Q changed the prices of its barbecues? Then your online shop will automatically alter prices as well, within certain parameters. This way, you're always selling online for the right price and you'll be certain to achieve a good margin.

Collecting reviews & feedback

Reviews are becoming more and more essential, so it's important to have a partner that knows how to collect these reviews and how to deal with negative feedback. We're happy to help you collect reviews for your garden centre on a daily basis through your:

  • Online shop and website
  • Loyalty card
  • Facebook page
  • Events
  • Google 'My Business' account

Our automated solution means you won't have to do anything, but you'll benefit from the extra attention generated by positive reviews.

What's more...

We also offer other automated solutions in numerous different ways, for example, integrations with Indeed, Amazon and several electronic points of sale systems (EPoS) such as Swan, RetailVista and Easitill. Our content solutions are also largely automated, such as integrations through the suppliers' API.

More information?

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