Garden Connect also works for nurseries and suppliers who provide services to garden centres and gardeners. A Business 2 Business company has other needs in terms of online marketing and webshops. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to offer you a tailor-made online marketing strategy.

Online Marketing

Your audience is different from garden centre target groups. Customers buy as resellers and look for different products or services than consumers. Good brand awareness and prominent brand placement are indispensable for attracting professionals in the industry. They want to order what they require at one glance.

B2B Webshop

The B2B webshop must be clearly structured; therefore, an accurate inventory management system is indispensable. Discounts for each customer must be settled automatically. The product information needs to be much more specific as well. This allows your user to immediately order products to replenish their stock or schedule future deliveries. Garden Connect lets your customers order through your B2B webshop, which is linked to your own ERP system.

Apps for Ordering

Your customers should be able to order directly from you as a supplier. Through the webshop, but also via an ordering app —via the shop floor. As soon as your customer notices that something's missing, they open the app and check availability. Via the log-in process, data is stored so that they can see which products are selling fast. Based on their purchase history with you, they can order more efficiently.