is the largest Dutch webshop, with nearly 10 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. It's a huge sales opportunity for your garden center: more than 22,000 entrepreneurs came before you. Garden Connect provides full integration via, so that you can publish products both in your webshop and on the platform. For specific products only, or everything: you decide. & Product Information

Thanks to the link between and your Garden Connect webshop, all the important categories can be transferred automatically: 

  • Product name
  • category classification
  • Price and stock
  • Product characteristics
  • A catchy description
  • Pictures

You can fill in this information at the back-end of your webshop, in the Garden Connect CMS. The link ensures that this information is uploaded to automatically. This way you never have to double up on work again! & Order Handling

As soon as an order is placed on, it enters the Garden Connect CMS automatically, which also transfers all the customer details. Your garden centre can even choose to transfer the order to an ERP or a linked POS system, so that the stock and turnover can be processed immediately. The handling of returns is also included in this process. 

“Do you want to optimize your garden centre's
efficiency? Our link also enables you to
apply a different price level for”

Via integration you can realise more orders for your garden centre, without doing any extra work. You reach a larger audience and, as a result, can entice more customers to buy their products at your garden centre.