Everton Nurseries generates £7,100 via 1 e-mail

Everton Nurseries generates £7,100 via 1 e-mail

Everton Garden Centre is located in Lymington and using the RetailVista epos system. Everton is running a successful loyalty scheme including full integration with the website on www.evertonnurseries.co.uk, allowing customers to login and access loyalty points, data and receipts. 

During the Summer of 2019, Everton realised many cardholders hadn’t visited the garden centre during the Spring and contacted Garden Connect to send a personal e-mail to this group of cardholders. 

Personal marketing to send personal offers to your cardholders

Garden Connect implemented its’ Personal Marketing tool to send a personal offer to cardholders who hadn’t been at Everton during the last 90 days. The Personal Marketing tool automates the selection of e-mail addresses to save time and to make sure the e-mail is sent to the relevant customers. 

The e-mail was sent out on a late Friday afternoon and included an offer which was valid on the following Saturday only. Out of those 2,000 recipients, 258 decided to visit Everton this single day spending over £7,100. 

Simon Collyer, the owner of Everton Nurseries, was pleased by these results: “A really effective promotion. We increased takings on the day by 50% at the cost of about 15% overall discount. We would certainly do this again!”

Go to www.evertonnurseries.co.uk for more information.