IGCA Delegates embrace the new app

IGCA Delegates embrace the new app

The International Garden Centre Association is hosting an annual congress, allowing delegates from all over the world to meet & network. In 2019, the IGCA held its’ Congress in Windsor, UK and asked Garden Connect to develop an app to inform all delegates about the event.

It was the first time IGCA decided to use an app to inform delegates, replacing the traditional Congress Manual of 100+ printed pages. 

Garden Connect has developed an easy-to-use app for Android and iOS. The app held all information about the garden centres visited including photos, videos and vital information. During the Congress, delegates were invited to fill in feedback forms about the centres visited. Push messages kept all attendees up to date. 

"The response from all the delegates has been great"

On behalf of the IGCA 2019 Committee, Tam Woodhouse stated the app was embraced by delegates: “It has been fantastic working with Garden Connect on the IGCA app. Their attention to detail and desire to provide a fantastic product has been second to none. The response from all the delegates has been great and even those nervous about the new technology have embraced the change.”

Garden Connect and IGCA are looking forward to enhancing the app in the years ahead.