boosts traffic by 34% boosts traffic by 34% 

The new canopy showroom in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, opened early 2017. Garden Connect were contacted to set up a successful online marketing strategy to drive footfall to the showroom.

Garden Connect started by building an informational website aimed to inspire and inform visitors. All the texts were written by the content marketeers of Garden Connect to make sure they were as Google-friendly as possible. 

Once the website went live and visitors started to come, testing resulted in improved on-site navigation and extra call to actions increased the conversion rate. In 2019, traffic on the website increased by another 34% but more importantly, the showroom generated a lot of footfall and was able to sell more canopies in the first 5 months of 2019 than were sold in the entire of 2018.

"We're selling more canopies than ever before"

Peter Stolzenbach, founder of explains how Garden Connect has helped his business to become more successful: “In conjunction with Garden Connect, we’ve expanded our website and have improved the Google rankings. Since, the number of visitors from the wider area has improved a lot and we’re selling more canopies than ever before.

It’s obvious a well-established website is critical if you want to run a successful garden centre or showroom. And truth is, the investment we’ve made towards our online marketing is already earned back.”

Garden Connect and look forward to enhance the rankings and traffic flow during the upcoming years even further.