Always a bespoke design

Your company is unique, so you don't want a set template on which to build your website. All Garden Connect websites and online shops are therefore created by a team of designers. We consider your ambitions as well as website basics such as user-friendliness, images and logic. You know whether the design fits your brand and the story you want to tell. Together, we'll create a quality, professional website that connects to your brand and goals.

How do you design a website?

Every website is custom-made, but the process we go through is always the same, thanks to our extensive experience and tried and tested methods. Our designers work with you to identify the goals you want your website to achieve, for example:

  • Draw visitors to your garden centre
  • Generate online orders
  • Attract customers to your events
  • Receive requests for quotations

Based on your wishes and brand image, we'll draw up a proposal that contributes to the achievement of your goals. We'll discuss this subject with you throughout the process to ensure the end result suits your image and taste.

Custom design for ever device

Over 50% of visitors to garden industry websites don't visit on an ordinary PC but visit on a smartphone or tablet. That is why we make sure that your new website is adaptive: not only is the design appropriate for each device, but the content is as well, e.g.: a mobile visitor has different needs than a visitor using a laptop. These settings are easily applied on the Garden Connect platform, and the technology does the rest.

Everything is possible

Sometimes, you don't want to have an entirely new website designed, but are looking to build on your existing website or have your advertising agency create a design. This is also possible at Garden Connect. In addition, we're happy to help you with the design of:

  • Digital newsletters
  • Header images
  • Facebook posts
  • Minisites for campaigns

Another important aspect: all our designs are custom-made for your company and are therefore unique and result-oriented.

What's more...

We offer a standard service to ensure that your website is always functioning properly on new browsers and phones without extra costs.

More information?

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