So you want to start using your (new) email address or have a new device to read your emails on. How do you set this up? There are hundreds of devices and programmes to read your email on, so we cannot tell you exactly what is true for your situation. But what we can do is put you on the right track. Below you find links to the most frequently used email programmes.

In order to be able to read your emails, you will need the data you have received from us when creating your email address. You can use this to set up POP3 or IMAP accounts. In case you're setting up Office365 or Gsuiet account you need to contact your system administrator. 


Incoming mail server

Port number

SSL (secure connection)

Port number IMAP (only required when setting up IMAP)

Outcoming mail server

Port number

SSL (secure connection)


Click here to visit the website of the supplier of your email programme:

Microsoft Outlook

Apple iPhone/iPad

Windows Mail for Windows 10

Google Suite/Gmail


Are you unable to set up your email address in the way you prefer? Then we advise you to ask a system administrator to help you out. You can also use webmail to read your emails. Contact us at to activate webmail. We do advise you, however, to use webmail only in emergencies.

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