In the week of the 12th of April we have emaild our clients about changes in our mailservice (mailboxes), you can find this email below in case you want to read it back.

​Dear sir/madam,

We’re sending you this message to inform you we’re going to turn off our e-mail services. Please note, this does not relate to your e-mail newsletters.

In the past few years, much has changed in the way POP3/IMAP e-mails are handled. Changes like being able to read e-mails on phone, tablet or desktop while also being quick to find and easy to store.

Therefore, we have decided to terminate our POP3/IMAP  e-mail service on the 31st of December, 2021. (Please note, this does not affect the e-mail newsletter service you have with us).

Garden Connect wishes to provide the best websites & webshops for garden centres and we have found that providing e-mail services is no longer a part of that. Up till a few years ago, handling e-mails was fairly simple, these days e-mail has become increasingly complex.

We also think it is vital that you can access all your important e-mails on the go and secure backups are made on a daily basis. The software and technology involved to do this across many devices are becoming very complex and are nowadays services on their own.

We always want to offer the best service which is why we have decided to take a step back and advise everyone to move to other e-mail providers. Our suggestion would be one of these giants:

  • Office365 by Microsoft
  • Gsuite by Google

This is something that you can do without our help. Having said that, it can sometimes be a bit complex. Your IT administrator should be able to help you with this. Naturally, we can offer technical information when needed.

If you don’t have an IT administrator then you can check for Office365 or for a list of partners that can help you move to Google.

Is it really necessary to move? Yes, we think so. E-mail is vital for your company and being easily accessible to customers is essential. E-mail is no longer a small part of the business. So to help you in the best possible way we are advising you to move your e-mail to a better solution.

To avoid last-minute issues we would recommend to start migrating to Gsuite, Office365 or another e-mail provider in the upcoming weeks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Garden Connect