The 5 benefits of an EPOS integration with your website!

This webinar is specifically for our customers who don't have an EPOS-integrated website or webshop yet. During this 45-minute session, we will discuss:

  • The benefits of an EPOS integration
  • How these integrations work and how it saves you time
  • How to link your loyalty program to your website & email newsletter
  • The different platforms to integrate with

This webinar is recommended for all customers who aren't integrated yet. It doesn't matter what EPOS you're using since we have universal integrations available. It's also intended for all garden centres, since the integration can be used to offer loyalty cardholders a proper omnichannel experience and it's not just about webshops & e-commerce. 

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 You do not need to have a camera or microphone for the webinar and you can participate with any device (tablet, mobile, desktop). 

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