13 Tips to Drive Customers to Your Garden Centre via the Internet

23 September 2016
13 Tips to Drive Customers to Your Garden Centre via the Internet

Director of Garden Connect Edwin Meijer teamed up with garden centre guru John Stanley to write the e-book “13 tips to drive customers to your garden centre via the internet ”. You can download this e-book free of charge via www.gardenconnect.com. To get started here are 8 tips to point you in the right direction but be sure to download the full e-book!

1. Use Google Analytics. By making use of this free web statistics tool you can see how many users are visiting your website, where they come from and what they do on your website. What’s the point of having a website without measuring the results? Make sure you have access to Analytics. It’s free and can be set up in five minutes.

2. Enjoy Facebook. It’s the modern way of communication and a great way to interact with your customers. Ask them questions, let them choose between products and do prize draws among your virtual Friends. Facebook loses users among teenagers but the target audience of garden centres has just discovered it so plenty of opportunities for you!

3. Give video a try. Video is getting more and more important. You can hire a professional camera man but if you quickly want to draw attention to a promotion you can start with your own smartphone. Consumers will accept this if it’s not too commercial and it works great on Facebook as well!

4. Keep an eye on the technique. That website created by your neighbour was certainly cheap but is the technique continuously adapted to the requirements of Google? The technical structure of your website is very important and allows Google to index your website smoothly. Failure to update this can work against you here and big Google can push you to a lower place. Be sure your website is updated: not just the content but also the technique.

5. Update regularly. News, promotions and tips for visitors on your website are very important to have: you want to inform visitors about the products you’re selling don’t you?

6. Go mobile. About 50% of the visitors on your website are using a tablet or smartphone to browse. Mobile should be on the top of your priority list. Check your Google Analytics to figure out how many visitors are using a mobile or tablet on your own website.

7. Google Places. Ever walked around in a town and looked up a restaurant or department store on your smartphone? Chances are 99.9% you checked Google Maps to do that. Having a proper account on Google Places ensures your opening hours and other store info is displayed correctly on Google Maps. It’s free so what are you waiting for?

8. Pinterest. This network seems to be made for garden centres. It’s colourful, inspiring, the majority of the users are women (who are your most important customers) and it’s all based on photos. The main benefit of using photos rather than text (like on Facebook and Twitter) is your visitors don’t have to think too much.

Do you want to get the other 5 tips? Download the free e-book!