15 April 2021

It’s Springtime so it’s time to boost your online sales! You already know we do a lot of search engine optimisation but that’s a long term strategy. Do you want to boost your sales in the short term? Our team of Google certified marketers can help you to set up and optimise your Google Ads campaigns.

Google Shopping

We can help you to advertise your products on Google Shopping. Users clicking on Google Shopping products have the intention to buy online so it’s the place to be for your webshop.

Google Shopping ads for Garden Centres

Case: €2,409 of Google budget, €49,020 of revenue

We started an extensive Google Ads campaign for this garden centre in early January. Between then and the 9th of April, we’ve spent €2,409 on Google Ads clicks and generated a turnover of €49,020.

Too good to be true? You can check the screenshot below for the figures:

Google Ads for garden Centres Garden Connect

Google product feed

One of our experts will set up a dedicated Google product feed for you. Do you only want to advertise products with a price of £20/$20 or higher? And do you want to stop advertising if the stock falls below 5 items? Or maybe you have a lot of items without an official barcode, like plants or furniture? No problem: our dynamic feeds are able to handle this.

Google Ads for garden Centres

Local advertising

Do you prefer to deliver products locally? No problem at all: we will target your Shopping ads to your own area. Customers can see your opening hours, locations and distance to your garden centre. This will help you to drive more footfall to your store.

Google Ads for garden Centres

Do you want to boost your sales?

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Boost your online sales with Google Ads!
Robert Payne

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