13 July 2020

Canada Nurseryland is a group of 110 independent garden centres in Canada and is Canada’s largest garden centre group. Garden Connect & Nurseryland got to know each other during the IGCA Congress, the annual gathering of garden centres and have joined forces since. 

Nurseryland members are invited to sign up for vendor programs multiple times per year and this process relied on e-mails and Excel files which weren’t very efficient. Garden Connect and Nurseryland discussed developing an online portal to allow members access to all information and this portal has been launched this week.


Member portal

Canada Nurseryland launched their new member portal to allow members to log in and to access all the vendor programs and info they need. All members have their own credentials to log in and information is restricted per member type.

For each vendor product info, images and conditions are available. Nurseryland members can also sign up online for vendor programs, which saves a lot of time. 

The new portal works on desktop, tablet and mobile to give members access to all info they need, even if they aren’t in their office.



An important element of the portal is the calendar: all members are reminded by email if deadlines are approaching. This helps to stay in touch with members and increases the participation of members in vendor programs. The calendar is also used for event registration.

Michelle Pain of Canada Nurseryland is positive about the partnership with Garden Connect: “Garden Connect has been very easy to work with, their knowledge of the garden industry made developing the portal for our members very smooth. Both their backend management systems and user interface were very simple to use. Edwin and his team have been very responsive to any issues during development. We have great confidence in our relationship with Garden Connect and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

More information about Nurseryland can be found via www.nurseryland.ca. Access to the member portal is restricted.
Canada Nurseryland Member Portal live
Edwin Meijer

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Edwin Meijer

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