Coolings Green & Pleasant introduce online ticketing

15 October 2019
Coolings Green & Pleasant introduce online ticketing

Coolings Green & Pleasant have been running a unique and successful Christmas Grotto for many years. However, taking bookings by phone and in-store started to require too much time from the staff. Garden Connect developed an easy-to-use online ticketing solution for Coolings to allow customers to purchase tickets online.

Grotto tickets

The Coolings’ customers are able to purchase tickets via the Coolings website. Payments are processed via Worldpay and immediately after finalising the payment, an e-ticket is sent to customers. The e-ticket can be shown at the entrance of the Grotto. The Coolings team will scan the ticket via the free-to-use Garden Connect App to allow entrance.

"We took more bookings"

Carol Coolings explains how this benefits Coolings Green & Pleasant: “In the first 24 hours we took more bookings than we could have taken in a week with our old manual system! The time-saving is invaluable, and we’ve learned something new about our customers too, they like to shop late - long after we’ve all gone home! - so the benefit to them is huge too.”

The staff managing the Grotto can make a daily Excel-export to have all the data of the visitors at their disposal. 

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