1 June 2022

38% of garden furniture in the UK is bought online: but how do customers know whether the new lounge set will look good in their garden or on their balcony? Garden Connect's Augmented Reality solution helps you answer this question.

Garden Connect will present Augmented Reality to the garden industry during the Spoga-Gafa in Cologne (June 19-21), the HTA Plant Show in Stoneleigh (June 21-22), Glee in Birmingham (June 28-30) and GLAS in Dublin (July 21).

Conversion increase in webshop

“Using AR leads to an increase in orders: some garden centres see a threefold increase in sales of certain products due to its use. That is not surprising, because you can tell everything about a product, but ultimately the customer wants to know whether the product fits well in his garden. You can now easily answer that question.” according to Edwin Meijer, one of the founders of Garden Connect.

Low-threshold technology

Garden Connect's AR solution can be used without a separate app: “Our starting point has been that everyone should be able to use it from their smartphone. As a visitor, you don't need to download an app. AR works on almost every smartphone or tablet with a camera.”

Suitable for every webshop

Every garden centre has access to the complete database of 3D models: “We have consciously chosen to make our Augmented Reality solution suitable for everyone, even when our own webshop platform is not used. That saves a lot of time and costs.”

Pots & plants

In addition to garden furniture, AR can also be used to help customers choose a pot-plant combination: “We have developed a tool that makes it easy to choose a pot and plant. You then place it in your living room via AR. If you like it, you can order the combination directly on the webshop.”

EFSA Concept Store

Augmented Reality is new in the garden industry and is therefore also prominently presented in the EFSA Concept Store: “We have been a member of EFSA for several years and are of course happy that this innovation can be seen at Spoga-Gafa in the Concept Store that we set up together with other EFSA members.”

Try it yourself?

Do you want to know more about Augmented Reality? Scan the QR code on the right or click on the link to try it yourself! Or visit www.gardenconnect.com/augmented-reality for more information.




Augmented Reality
Edwin Meijer

This article is written by:

Edwin Meijer

Co-founder & CMO

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