18 October 2022

Most garden centre webshops have dozens of plants, pots, tools, potting soil, and fertilisers. Customers might get lost in having too many choices. How can you help your online visitors find the perfect product? Discover our newest webshop feature: product configurator. This new tool allows customers to make easy decisions. Buying online products has never been easier.

Online shopping is about keeping it simple

If you’re browsing for a plant, pot, bag of potting soil, fertilisers, bbq, or garden furniture set, you will be amazed by garden centres' huge choice. Where to start if you actually have no idea what you’re looking for? Most online visitors don’t know what they’re looking for and need to be pushed in the right direction. You can’t ask every visitor their preferences, so how do you get to work without 24/7 customer service? We’ve got the solution.

Help your customers find the right product

Online visitors are straightforward: they don’t want to dig deep into your website to find the perfect product. They want support. Easy support. How can we quickly help our customers to find the ideal outcome? To help your customers shop online, you can use a webshop filter. This filter pushes your customers in the right direction and helps them on the way. But there’s more. Use our newest product configurator. Making choices has never been easier and more fun. Our product configurator gives you happy website visitors, increases the conversion rate, and, even better, more online orders. 

Setting up the product finder is relatively easy on any garden centre webshop! So, don’t wait any longer.

Find the perfect Ooni Oven

Many of our customers are selling Ooni Ovens. These pizza ovens create the tastiest pizzas at home, are super popular, and have become a trend in the outdoor living range. Ooni offers a wide choice of pizza ovens. Customers who shop for a pizza oven have some prior preferences. For example:

  • Fuel type (some people don’t prefer gas)
  • Colour
  • If the stove should be portable - or not

It can be challenging to figure this out on a product overview page. To know which ovens are portable, you want to get a precise selection of the products of your choice. That’s why we’ve created the product configurator. We can add this search tool to almost every category page on your webshop. Visitors that enter your webshop will rather use a configurator than the webshop filter on the left-side hand. Online customers tend to be more visual than textual. The product configurator makes online shopping more visual and increases the conversion rate. Discover how the configurator works. It’s easier than you think.

How to use the product finder

The product configurator is very simple to use. Fill in your preferences, and the product finder shows you the best product(s).

Select your preferred fuel type, colour and opt for a portable oven. With any option, you can decide to opt or leave it empty. For example, some visitors wouldn’t care about the colour, so they would search for something like this:

  • Fuel type: Pellets
  • Colour: no selection
  • Portal: Yes (Why not?)

In this case, the search tool shows one result, the Ooni Fyra Wood Pellet Pizza Oven. The product configurator offers the price of the selected product and shows two buttons: View Product and Add to Basket.

You can view the product on the product page. You can check the product specifications, descriptions, and more images. Or add this Ooni pizza oven to your basket. Isn’t that simple?

What if you have more than one product that fits?

It can occur that there are multiple products available from your selection. If the search tool has found numerous results, it shows a button that links to an overview page with all the matching products. View your choice and easily pick your favourite. The more preferences you select, the pickier your product selection will be. 

How to install the product configurator?

To use the product configurator, you must have properties. Enter specifications to our platform and add the properties to your products. In our example of Ooni, your products must contain information about the fuel type, colour and a checkbox to select if an oven is portable or not. You can think of any specification to show in the product configurator. You can either show one choice or five. That’s up to you. 

The best thing about this new search tool is it uses the information already available. So if you already have added properties, like colour, height, width, weight, and fuel type, to your webshop, you can get started right away. You can easily add properties to our platform. If you need help with this, please view our Garden Connect Academy video about creating and linking properties and brands. Please make sure that all products contain several specifications. The more, the better. The more complete, the best. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to go!

So there are no additional actions required?

After you’ve added particular specifications to your products, we’re ready to install the product finder on your category page. We will use the information from your product properties to create the search tool. So, no additional actions are required to get the product search tool up and running. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Please contact your account manager to set this up. 

Help your customers find the perfect product

This selection tool was initially created to help customers find the perfect string of lights for their Christmas tree. But as you can see, it works perfectly  for pizza ovens as well and can even be used for garden furniture, plants, Christmas trees and many other products. All you have to do is add information about the properties you want to use in the search tool.

Contact us to get started with this new tool

Any webshop on our platform can use this search tool. Before you can use it, we need to activate the module and style the tool. Please contact your account manager for more information; we’re happy to help you!

Curious about how to optimise your product pages? Read our blog in which we explain 5 ways to improve your webshop pages. 

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Find the perfect product with our product configurator
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