17 September 2020

Do your customers often forget to bring their loyalty card? That should no longer be a problem! In partnership with NedFox, Garden Connect developed a solution to help garden centres help customers who have forgotten their loyalty card. 

It’s not unusual for customers to forget their loyalty card so garden centres all have their own way of settling this problem:

  • Look up the customer data by hand. This can take a lot of time which is stressful on a Saturday afternoon during Springtime
  • Disappoint the customer by not awarding points.
  • Refer the customer to the customer service, which is time-consuming and annoying for the customer

These solutions are all difficult and time-consuming, both for the customer and for your garden centre employees. 

Voucher code

This new solution offered by Garden Connect and NedFox enables you to work with a voucher code. 

At the cash register, the customer can indicate that he has forgotten his loyalty card. Then, the cashier uses RetailVista to add a voucher code to the regular receipt. This code appears at the bottom of the normal receipt and can be used to link the transaction – and the awarded points – to the loyalty card. 

Once home, the customer can log in on the website of your garden centre with his or her loyalty card. The voucher code can be filled in together with the receipt number and then the purchase will be linked and the points will be credited


Customers who forget their cards are a part of every garden centre and the twenty-eight Dutch GroenRijk garden centres are no exception to this. After the introduction of their loyalty program in 2018, it became clear that this is a common problem.

Pepijn Vos, e-commerce manager of GroenRijk: “It happens very frequently that customers forget their loyalty card but still want to earn points. In the spirit of customer friendliness, our store employees added the points by hand, but in busy times this could be very time-consuming. Next to the digital loyalty card in our GroenRijk app, the ‘Forgotten Card’ option on our website is a good safety net.

Want to know more?

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Forgot your loyalty card? No problem!
Edwin Meijer

This article is written by:

Edwin Meijer

Co-founder & CMO

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