Garden Connect in EFSA Trend Magazine

EFSA Trend Magazine

EFSA released the Autumn/Winter 2020-21 issue of the EFSA Trend Magazine, which focuses on the latest trend and innovations in the garden industry. Experts in the industry give their predictions about the colors, materials and styles for next year. Trends are not just about style, but also about the way the customers spend their time online or in the shop. Therefore, Garden Connect explains the importance of marketing for garden centres. Download the EFSA Trend Magazine and read Garden Connect's contribution under Marketing Trends (p. 20). 


EFSA Trend Magazine

The magazine is an initiative of EFSA, a partnership between leading suppliers within the gardening sector. Together they investigate and determine trends, focus on innovations and share their knowledge. EFSA bundles all this knowledge about the gardening industry twice a year in the EFSA trend Magazine.


The importance of online marketing for garden centres

As a member of EFSA, Garden Connect is committed to bring marketing innovations for the gardening industry. How important is online marketing for garden centres and how does an e-commerce strategy help you achieve your sales goals. Garden Connect manages more than 300 websites and web shops for companies in the gardening industry, so they are capable to provide you with the answers. But what is the opinion of garden centre about the importance of online marketing? Garden Connect asked three large garden centres in the Netherlands and UK to share their experiences. Read the article with Famiflora, Leurs and Frosts Garden Centres. 


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