Greenfingers Charity’s new website launched!

8 May 2017
Greenfingers Charity’s new website launched!

The garden industry's charity, Greenfingers, has launched its new website. To date, Greenfingers Charity has created over 50 inspiring gardens and outdoor spaces in hospices around the UK. To be able to generate more support, earlier this year it appointed Garden Connect to renew the website and define a new online presence to help build the Greenfingers Charity brand. 



The new Greenfingers website,, aims to attract more response from visitors. Linda Petrons, Head of Fundraising and Communications explains: "Our new website will help us to generate more interactions with visitors who may want to find out more about our work and the difference our gardens make or how they can get involved. We’re delighted that the new website is mobile friendly, it’s easier to find out information, sign up to our newsletters, donate or support in other ways. Every event to support Greenfingers Charity can be added to the website and we plan to sell tickets to some events online as well. There's still a lot to do but we're very happy with the way the site is working so far."


Google Grant

As well as renewing the website Garden Connect has applied successfully for a Google Grant on behalf of Greenfingers Charity. Edwin Meijer, MD of Garden Connect: "We've been working for Dutch charities since 2002 with our sister company so we happen to know a lot about online fundraising. To make the combination between Greenfingers Charity, the UK garden industry and our experience in this field is a unique opportunity we couldn't afford to miss. The Google Grant allows Greenfingers Charity to boost traffic on its website and to generate a lot more exposure by using Google AdWords."


The new website, ways to support Greenfingers and upcoming events can be found on the new website