1 March 2023

Zwanenburg - Garden Connect and TSD IT bv, developer of WinTree®, have successfully realised a system integration. This allows trading companies in floriculture to process orders online, which easily saves WinTree users both time and money. The integration takes place entirely via the API of WinTree® so that a good transfer of product, order and customer information is guaranteed.

In 2022, TSD IT bv and Garden Connect have realised the first webshops, and the number of users is expanding.

Why integrate?

Garden Connect has now put more than 350 websites and webshops online for companies in the garden industry and TSD IT bv serves more than 500 growers with the WinTree® software. Gert Koster, member of the board of TSD: “The collaboration between the two parties can offer added value for many growers in the field of online presence and sales. Our goal is to unburden our customers with the help of software. This new API link will save many customers time.”

Convenience for customers & growers

The integration between the WinTree® software and the Garden Connect platform provides convenience for both the end customer and the grower: “We use WinTree® as the basis for the webshop. All products, prices, discount agreements and stock information are syncronised directly, which is possible through the use of the the API. This offers convenience for the customer because they always have access to current stock with their own prices. In addition, it offers convenience for the grower because he has no extra work to keep his webshop up to date.” says Edwin Meijer on behalf of Garden Connect.

“We have now put a few webshops online with this integration, and we can therefore read product information in near real-time. Conversely, orders from the webshop go directly into WinTree® to be processed. This also saves time on order processing.”

Flexibility is key

However, every company uses the webshop differently: “You can use the webshop as a sales channel, but you can also choose a different approach. For example, some companies use it exclusively to request quotations, or they want customers to be able to call up stock that has already been purchased to branches via the webshop. There are many applications possibilities, and flexibility from our point of view is important: we do not have a ready-made solution, but always look at the business process that is already there.”


TSD is a total supplier of software solutions for tree nurseries and trading companies in the “green”. With the WinTree® software they automate the back office of tree nurseries and "green" trading companies. With TreeCommerce® Messenger, customers are offered a central platform through which offerings, including photos, can be shared with affiliated trading partners.

Garden Connect

Garden Connect was founded in 2002 and has over 320 customers across Europe and Canada. The company focuses on both technological solutions and online marketing services for businesses in the horticultural industry. 

For more information, visit www.tsd.nl or www.gardenconnect.com.

Integration Wintree and Garden Connect provides efficient online solutions
Edwin Meijer

This article is written by:

Edwin Meijer

Co-founder & CMO

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