17 May 2022

Aida recently joined the Garden Connect team as an account manager for the UK and Ireland. We’re happy to introduce you to her in this blog! 


As an account manager, Aida sees her main task to build a relationship with her clients: “I really want my clients to trust me and to know that I’m on their team. I want to see them doing well. It’s important for me to find out what their hopes and dreams are, to see how we can help them get there. I want to be at a place where, when I call my customers, they are always happy to hear from me. That they feel like they can count on me and that we have a good relationship.”

Since the start of her new job at Garden Connect, her first impression is that everyone seems to be very on board with a common mission. “Everyone seems connected and very passionate. And I like the walks after lunch!”. For Aida it’s very inspiring to be part of an environment that’s leading and pioneers in their industry: “Everyone is always bringing fresh ideas and focused on how we can make things better. It’s always about helping the customer first.”

 “I really want my clients to trust me and to know that I’m on their team. I want to see them doing well."

Account manager by day, DJ by night

Over the last 10 years, Aida has been working as an account manager in various industries, primarily around tech. When Aida is not working, she enjoys going to the beach, being outdoors, yoga, cooking, and collecting vinyl. On the side, she works as a DJ. Before moving to The Netherlands, Aida hosted a radio show in Vancouver, so music is a big part of the things she does besides her work for Garden Connect. 

The symbol of the new year and new beginnings

The hyacinth is Aida’s favourite plant. “I love the smell, it’s so sweet and nice. And I love the colours! It’s a symbol of the Iranian new year, which we always celebrate in my family. It’s a symbol of new life, springtime, and new beginnings. It feels close to my home and my roots.”

Introducing: Aida Esmaili
Julia van Vliet

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