10 June 2022

Anke has worked at Garden Connect since January 2019 as a project manager. We’d like to introduce you to her in this blog. 

Binding factor

As a project manager for the UK, Ireland and Canada, Anke would describe herself as the binding factor for every project: “I work together with the account managers, developers, content marketeers and support. It’s my responsibility to connect all the components that are related to the development of a webshop or website. I connect the wishes of our clients with the capabilities of our teams.”

Constant collaboration

Anke is proud of the way her team collaborates and supports each other. “This continuously improves our results. I really enjoy that we don’t only focus on our own work but we also work as a team to finish projects. Besides that, I’m very proud of the great websites that went live the last couple of months.”Anke’s first impression of Garden Connect was very warm: “Besides hard work, there’s always room for something nice like after-work drinks, or the boot camp. At Garden Connect, you’re not a number, but a person.”

Continuously improving

Before Anke started working at Garden Connect, she used to work at an American company in a similar position where she gave training in technical systems and processes for fashion brands. In her current position, she strives for continuous improvement of project management processes. Besides that, she always wants to deliver the work that the client didn’t even know they needed yet. 


Anke enjoys spending time with friends: walking, cooking, spending time outside, and barbequing. She enjoys going to the beach with her family, just like museum or cinema visits. Her favourite plant is the Bougainvillea: “I get instantly relaxed from this plant. It reminds me of the summer sun and I enjoy the colours.”

Introducing: Anke Fatels
Julia van Vliet

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Julia van Vliet

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