21 October 2021

Carmela showed her skills in a text that she wrote for her application. She immediately got a call and with the same pace, she is writing content for our customers!


Carmela has worked at Garden Connect as a copywriter since March. She lives in Zaandam, is 19 years old and besides working, she studies Sociology at the Vrije Universiteit. As a copywriter, Carmela writes blogs and content for our customer’s websites. In the short time that Carmela has worked at Garden Connect, she has written many types of content. Sustainable gardening is her favourite theme so far. 


Carmela her favourite plant is the yellow crocus. “I really adore that plant. It reminds me of spring. My birthday is during spring as well, so it reminds me of how everything is starting to grow and bloom” she adds. 


During her first year at university, Carmela wants to gain some experience in the professional field. She learned a lot from previous jobs and she gained many contacts out of it, so she is very excited about her work with Garden Connect and how it will develop. During the application procedure, Carmela wrote a text to show her skills. She immediately got a call from Victoria who told her that she was very enthusiastic, so she took this positive start with her!”


When Carmela isn’t working or studying, she likes to draw digitally. “Besides that, I really enjoy horse riding, travelling, snorkelling, swimming and diving.”


Carmela has many goals at Garden Connect. “I really like it so far, so I would like to learn more about other functions and develop myself more” she adds. 


Her first impression of Garden Connect was very positive. “The ambience is very nice. There aren’t so many people at the office at the moment, but I still notice how informal people are treating each other. The office itself is decorated very nicely with a lot of plants so my first impression was very positive! Edwin’s presentation for new employees was a very nice initiative as well.”

Introducing: Carmela Bernadi
Julia van Vliet

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Julia van Vliet

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