23 November 2021

Kirsten has worked at Garden Connect as a content marketeer for 3 years. We’d like to introduce you to her in this blog!

As a content marketeer, Kirsten has her own portfolio of clients for whom she keeps the websites and webshops up to date. She writes blogs, updates the homepage regularly and she works on conversion optimization for webshops. “Besides that, I am very often in contact with my clients, which I really enjoy about my work.”

Kirsten her favorite plant is the Calathea, which is -by accident- on the picture as well. “I love the colorful leaves. I have a Calathea myself and I really enjoy the special colours.”

From internship to first job

Before Kirsten started working at Garden Connect, she studied Media, Information and Communication in Amsterdam. After that, she did a home study programme in content optimization and she volunteered at the flower parade in her hometown. During her Bachelor study, Kirsten did an internship at the editorial office of a local newspaper, and another internship as a web editor at a national tv channel. “It was during that time that I realized that I really enjoy this work such as writing blogs, social media posts and email newsletters. All these things come together in my current job.”

Personal contact

Kirsten has worked at Garden Connect for over 3 years now and she has worked for some clients since the very beginning. She really enjoys working with clients and staying in touch over the years. “The way of working is very smooth when you know each other and I like to work for the same clients for a longer period. I’m very proud of the content marketing team in general. We made a lot of progress, so I would like to give a shoutout to our manager Nikkie for that. When I started working at Garden Connect I was very excited for a new challenge. The first impression was very positive with nice colleagues, a great ambience and close contact with each other.”

Inspiration for content

“I often visit garden centres, because I want to see what’s going on and what the latest trends and updates are. I recently visited Esschert Design, where I learned so many new things about the brand. That helps a lot to create new content because it brings new inspiration.”

Kirsten spends a lot of time in the kitchen because she loves to bake and cook. Besides that, she enjoys going to concerts and to spend time with her fiancé Bob, her friends and her family. 

Gardening expert

Over the past year, Kirsten has learned a lot about growing vegetables and fruits. “I was so excited that I started growing tomatoes, green beans, zucchini and radish in my garden.” For the future, Kirsten would like to continue growing in her work as a content marketeer and perhaps become an expert in one specific topic of her work.”

Introducing: Kirsten van Popering
Julia van Vliet

This article is written by:

Julia van Vliet

Content marketeer

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