21 December 2021

Linh works at Garden Connect as a front-end and web developer. We’re happy to introduce you to Linh in this blog!

As a front-end and web developer, Linh focuses on the styling of our clients’ websites. That means that he styles and designs newly developed websites and he updates the look of existing websites. 

Plants with names

Linh’s favorite plant is the Strelitzia Nicolai. “I bought this one recently because I saw it at someone else’s house and I really liked it. The plant looks beautiful, has big leaves and it’s nice and exotic. It’s the first plant that I actually chose myself because I really wanted to have it in my house. I even gave it a name, just like my other plants.”

Garden Connect

Before Linh started working at Garden Connect, he worked in the event scene. Before that, Linh worked in bars and restaurants. After working at many festivals and events, Linh started a course in front-end development to make a career switch. After this course, he started working at Garden Connect right away. “This is my first job where I only work in the office, so I didn’t know what to expect. I immediately liked the way we get along with colleagues and the ambience is great. My first impression was very positive, especially for an office job!”

During his time off, Linh loves to go snowboarding. Besides that, he likes to hang out with friends, and to have a beer every now and then. 

Continuously improving

“I am proud of the latest websites that we developed. The projects keep on getting bigger, better, more complex and more tailor-made. I am proud of my contributions, but also of the rest of the team on how we make this happen.” Linh always wants to continue improving and learning. “The more I know, the better I can do my job.”

Introducing: Linh Huynh
Julia van Vliet

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