8 March 2022

Mandy Renkens has been working at Garden Connect as a project manager for Belgium and The Netherlands since 2015. We're happy to introduce you to her in this blog!

As a project manager, Mandy is responsible for getting things done once a contract has been signed. She ensures that the project will be delivered based on the contract conditions. “Basically I connect all the necessary parties to realize the contract, both internally at Garden Connect and with our clients.” Mandy remembers her first impression of Garden Connect very well: “What I really liked was the flat and open organisational structure. I immediately enjoyed the open and free culture.” 

Project management systems then and now

Before Mandy started working at Garden Connect, she worked as a site manager. Before that, Mandy worked on the small island of Saint Martin for Heineken, where she used to live for a while. She is most proud of the project management system that we use. “When I think about the A4 paper sheets we used to collect, and the system we have at the moment where we can inform each other, find the status of a project and assign work to someone, that makes me very happy!” 

In her free time, Mandy likes to be out and about with her family or practice sports. She loves breakfast on the beach, running, yoga, stand-up paddling, salsa dancing and reading. Her favourite plant is the Tradescantia Zebrina because this one is just a bit different compared to other green houseplants. “Besides that, it grows fast, and is easy to propagate, I like that!” 

Inspiring the team

For the coming period of time, Mandy is aiming to inspire the team more. “I really like the vision of working from our successes. So that in the company we emphasize the good quality we deliver, instead of focussing on what we can do better. Our clients are very content, so if we stand for that we can praise and inspire each other, and be proud of what we’re doing.” 

Introducing: Mandy Renkens
Julia van Vliet

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