9 September 2021

As a marketing manager at a garden centre in Jersey, Marije knows what customers find important in collaboration with Garden Connect. Now she lives in The Netherlands and she is our project manager!


Marije works at Garden Connect as project manager for Canada and the UK. She lives in Heemstede after living abroad for 12 years of which 7 in England and 5 in Jersey (the British channel islands). “As a project manager, I make sure that projects run smoothly, both for our team as for the customer.”


Marije her favorite plant is a Maranta leuconeura. “You never know how it will grow, but suddenly branches start growing here and there and it becomes very nice and big!”. Before Marije moved to The Netherlands she gave away her plants to friends, so she can’t wait to buy new plants for her new house!


When Marije lived in Jersey she worked as a marketing manager for a garden centre. That makes it easier for her to empathize with the customer experience, which she really likes about her job. So far, the customer contact is Marije’s favourite part of her work. Besides that, she likes to combine her knowledge of online marketing with her job as a project manager. The experience of working at a garden centre, her knowledge of online marketing & the customer journey come together with her knowledge of project management. Marije finds this a very interesting combination, where she can support the customer. “I think that it’s nice for the customer that I know what it’s like in their position. That makes it easier to switch faster and to think along with the customers.”


After work Marije likes to spend time with her family. When they still lived in Journey, they spent a lot of time at the beach. In The Netherlands, they also love to spend time outdoors and Marije likes to go out for dinner and barbecues with friends.

Marije has a lot of ambitions at Garden Connect. The coming year is all about getting to know the systems and the workflow. “Besides that, I want to be the best and most organised project manager that makes customers happy and is very helpful!” Marije adds. 


Her first impression of Garden Connect was very positive. “I find it a very nice and ambitious company. Everyone is on the same page and it’s very nice to be a part of a growing company like this.”

Introducing: Marije Briscoe
Julia van Vliet

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