27 June 2022

Nicci has worked at Garden Connect as a content marketeer since 2021. We’re happy to introduce you to her in this blog. 

An inspiring team

Since Nicci is working as a content marketeer at Garden Connect, she’s working with a team again after a very long time, ‘which is very inspiring,’ she adds. As a content marketeer, she keeps websites up-to-date and optimises them with the right content. “I try to imagine myself in the clients’ position, and that’s always a nice challenge. I work for English, Dutch and French clients. The differences  in styles and wishes make this work extra diverse.” 

Travel blogs & photography

In her time off, Nicci writes travel blogs and blogs about sailships. When she had just graduated from her photography study, Nicci worked as a photographer in Asia for a couple of years, “that used to be for travel brochures and flyers back then. Besides that, I used to write a lot of blogs and SEO-related work for companies in the travel industry.” 


“What I’m proud of is that besides garden centres, I also work for Greenfingers Charity in the United Kingdom. It’s very fulfilling that they can raise more funds with our help on the online part.” Besides work, Nicci enjoys photography, travelling and sports. “Since I’m working at Garden Connect, I love reading about creating sustainable city gardens and balconies.” 

On to a higher level

Nicci’s ambition at Garden Connect is to gain even more expertise in SEO. “There’s a training on my schedule that I will follow later this year. I’m looking forward to bringing my knowledge to a higher level and to bringing this into use for our clients.”


“The Lotus is my favourite plant. Besides the fact that Lotus is my daughter’s name, I love the metaphor that it needs mud to bloom. When my daughter was born, friends came over with a lotus in a washing-up bowl, so the Lotus is still my favourite of all plants.” 

A lot of laughter

“ I started working at Garden Connect in June 2021. My first impression was very positive and pleasant. This started with my job interview, where we laughed a lot. These interviews often mention it’s a warm bath, but it truly is!” 

Introducing: Nicci Severens
Julia van Vliet

This article is written by:

Julia van Vliet

Content marketeer

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