9 February 2022

Robert has been working at Garden Connect as an account manager for the UK and Ireland since 2019. We’d like to introduce you to him in this blog!

As an account manager, Robert connects the client’s wishes with the technical possibilities at Garden Connect. According to Robert, an important part of his job is client retention. “ My long term goal is to have 0 clients leaving Garden Connect and that seems to be going pretty well, which is great to see! I feel like we are listening to our client’s wishes more at the moment, which definitely is a team effort…” 

A breath of fresh air

Robert loves to spend his time off outside with archery, gardening, and walking his dog. His favourite plants are fruit-producing shrubs, of which he has many in his garden. “ My garden is full of fruit bushes and trees. I enjoy simply walking into the garden and picking a small handful of fresh fruit to snack on. Besides that, I love Dahlias, but unfortunately, the snails in my garden also love them.” 

Before Robert started working at Garden Connect, he was the owner of a log cabin shop and he worked at a video communication company for a year. His experience at the log cabin shop was the connection to the garden industry, that led Robert to Garden Connect. When Robert started working at Garden Connect, one of the first things that he noticed was the freedom and independence. “I used to work at a company with a strict hierarchy, so the space for creativity and the ability to work independently at Garden Connect was breath of fresh air for me.” 

A bright future ahead

One of the things that Robert is aiming for, is to not see any clients leave. That’s going very well at the moment. “ Besides that, I see a lot of opportunities to grow in Scotland and Ireland. We have a couple of great clients in Ireland, but there are way more out there, so I see a bright future ahead”

Introducing: Robert Payne
Julia van Vliet

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