22 September 2021

Stef is a personal football trainer, golf enthusiast and since February 2021 also an online marketeer at Garden Connect. 


Stef is 30 years old and he lives in Aalsmeer. As an online marketeer, Stef mainly focuses on Local SEO. That means that he improves the visibility of customers in Google with a focus on local visibility. When someone searches for “buy house plant in the area” the intention to buy this product is very high. The Local SEO process contributes to the visibility of these products in the area. 


Stef’s favourite plant is a Cactus. “It’s a plant that goes its own way and it doesn’t need a lot of care. It does its best” he adds. 

Stef studied marketing with a specialization in sports marketing. During his study, he did an internship at the KNVB, the Royal Dutch Soccer Association, and another internship at a crowdfunding website for talents in top sport. The first internship he was involved in was the organisation of events and for the other internship he focused on online marketing. After Stef graduated, he started working at an email marketing company. He advised customers who wanted to improve their email marketing. After that, he started working for Pinhigh Golftravel as an online marketeer.


When Stef started working at Garden Connect, there was some work waiting for Stef. He is proud of the work that he got done in a short time “besides that, the first Local SEO results are positive, so I’m proud of that!”

Besides work, Stef is just as enthusiastic when it comes to sports: “After work, I give personal football training to young talents and I like to golf. Besides that, I like to spend time with my friends and family.”


Stef wants to become an even more complete online marketeer. “In my previous job I was very all-round and now I want to focus more on one branch to get more in-depth knowledge. So far it’s going well.”

In his first weeks, Stef experienced a warm welcome. “Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and makes time to ask how others are doing. It’s a very nice group of people and I’m very glad to join this team. There are other agencies in Amsterdam that aren’t as personal and down to earth as Garden Connect is. I also noticed that there is a lot of knowledge in this company, so I’m learning a lot. I can’t wait for our skiing trip!”

Introducing: Stef Leliveld
Julia van Vliet

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Julia van Vliet

Content marketeer

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