29 March 2022

Stijn has worked at Garden Connect since 2019 as a financial controller. We’re happy to introduce you to him in this blog. 

A warm bath

“As a financial controller, I work on all things finance. That means that I send invoices to clients, arrange our own purchases and that I do analysis and reporting tasks.” When Stijn started working at Garden Connect, he experienced this as a warm bath. “I worked in a room with Edwin and the content marketing team, so it was never quite in our office but you get to know each other at a fast pace so that was very nice.” 

Automation and HR

Stijn started in 2019 at Garden Connect after working for his last internship. “So far I’m proud that the reports are going well since they are automatically updated. That’s not only my work, but it’s a real improvement. This year I’m using these reports to actively bring data to our management, so they don’t have to look for it anymore. Besides that, I’m striving to expand my tasks by learning more about HR and salary administration.” 

New hobbies

Stijn his favourite plant is the Alocasia Zebrina. “It’s just a bit different and catches my attention. After seeing one in the office, I bought one myself as well. Within 2 weeks, a new branch came out.” In his free time, Stijn recently started enjoying nature photography and during the pandemic, he found a new hobby in walking.

Introducing: Stijn Jonkers
Julia van Vliet

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