19 April 2022

Victoria has worked at Garden Connect as an online marketeer since 2015. We’re happy to introduce you to her in this blog!

Victoria is currently working as a senior online marketeer at Garden Connect. “That means that I work on reaching our clients’ targets, using several online marketing services such as Google Ads, conversion optimisation, performance based marketing and more.”

“What I enjoy most about my work is to reach or even exceed our client’s targets."


Exceeding targets

Before Victoria started working at Garden Connect, she studied communication sciences at the UvA. After her studies, she started working as a marketing assistant at TW steel and 1,5 years later she joined Garden Connect. “What I enjoy most about my work is to reach or even exceed our client’s targets. In the end, you do it for the clients, so I feel very fulfilled when they are happy with my work.”

Tropical plants for a holiday feeling

In her free time, Victoria enjoys travelling, sports, festivals, formula 1, spending time with friends, her 1,5-year-old son and her partner. “Since we renovated our garden last year, I have a little vegetable garden. I really enjoy gardening! When it comes to plants, I enjoy tropicals that give me a holiday feeling, such as the banana plant, monstera and alocasia that we have in the office.” 

Continuously developing

Her first impression of Garden Connect was immediately positive: “I noticed that the team was very young and relaxed and I quickly felt at home. Everybody works hard, but besides that, we have a lot of fun together.” What Victoria is striving for in her work, is to continue developing herself “The online marketing world changes continuously, so as an online marketeer there is always something new to learn. I like to deepen and expand my knowledge continuously.”

Introducing: Victoria van Leeuwen
Julia van Vliet

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Julia van Vliet

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