Join Our E-Commerce & Personal Marketing Webinars!

16 September 2016
Join Our E-Commerce & Personal Marketing Webinars!

This autumn, Garden Connect is initiating three webinars for garden centres: the first one will be about e-commerce, the second will show you the great benefits of Personal Marketing and the last one is about search engine optimisation!

Personal Marketing: Get the Most out of Your Loyalty Scheme - Monday 10/10 at 12.00
If you are running a loyalty scheme, then this webinar is a must-attend for you! Enhancing a loyalty scheme becomes easy by using Personal Marketing. How do you automatically send offers for BBQ accessories to everyone who bought a BBQ at your centre? Wouldn't it be great to send tips on how to plant a fruit tree straight after one has been purchased? And how do you contact dormant customers effectively? During this webinar, we'll show you how to enhance your loyalty scheme effectively!

E-Commerce for Garden Centres - Tuesday 18/10 at 13.00
Are you considering opening a webshop or struggling to get your current online shop running properly? During this webinar, Edwin Meijer of Garden Connect shows you tricks on how to get started, explains the pros and cons of webshops, and will give you practical tips and examples. Logistics, payment providers, SEO, Google AdWords, and product management will also be covered during this session.

Search engine optimisation & conversion optimisation - Wednesday 26/10 at 13.00
Are you struggling to improve the rankings of your website? Or you're not familiar with the way Google positions websites? Or are you unsure how to get more out of your existing website visitors? Whatever you're wondering about be sure to attend this webinar on search engine optimisation & conversion optimisation! 

All webinars will take about one hour of which the last 15 minutes are dedicated to answering your questions. 

Do you want to join one or more of these free webinars? Just let us know via