Join us at the HTA Plant Show and learn how to sell plants online!

Join us at the HTA Plant Show and learn how to sell plants online!

Plants are the core business of garden centres, so it's surprising to see not many centres are selling plants online. As one of the few non-growers, we're exhibiting at the HTA Plant Show on the 21st and 22nd of June and we're happy to explain to you how you could showcase and sell your plants online!

Here are three tips to get you started but be sure to visit stand 46 later this month to learn more. 

1. Logistics
Shipping olive trees from Southampton to Edinburgh can be a headache but why would you start with such a complicated process? Plenty of customers in your own area are searching for plants online, so start with a click & collect and local delivery service. That makes your life a lot easier and chances are customers will visit your brick & mortar store as well. 

2. Photos
Consumers buying online need as much information as possible to learn what they are buying. Apart from a proper description and specs, photos are indispensable. Plants will grow and change over the years and it's great to show your customer what they can expect from their purchase. At Garden Connect, we do stock over 15,000 proper plant photos. Photos are key for online customers so pay attention to them!

3. Navigation
Make it easy to navigate, since most modern consumers don't have plant knowledge. Sun or shade? Evergreen? What are the flowering colours? What will the maximum height be? When does the plant flower? Does it require a dry or wet soil? Having an easy navigation on your website with a range of product filters helps customers to pick the right plant - even without any knowledge.

I look forward seeing you at the Plant show at Stoneleigh Park on the 21st or 22nd of June. See you there!

Kind regards,

Edwin Meijer

PS. Wondering what we're doing at Garden Connect?Have a look at our website!