8 May 2019

We have taken drastic steps in order to improve your website, so that they can work faster and better on both mobile and desktop. The result: Google PageSpeed is (on average) above 85%. But what does this mean, exactly, and what further benefits are involved?

Google PageSpeed is an indicator of the loading speed on websites. A high score means a quick website. PageSpeed is a rather vague tool, so let's give you an idea of how page speed influences your website's performance.

A faster website means more orders

Research by hosting provider Cloudfare shows that fast loading websites are getting orders: 1.9% versus 0.6%, if the website takes more than 6 seconds to load. In other words: loading time can result in a 300% increase or 65% decrease in the number of orders! Walmart has figured out that it sells 2% more every time they increase the loading speed by about 1 second. Considering their position in online retail, it gives them enough reason to focus their efforts on improving their loading speed. 

Visitors stay longer & buy more

Besides generating more orders, visitors also stay longer when they are on a fast website. And those who stay longer, also read more of your information. And they are more likely to make an online or offline purchase.

Google loves fast websites

The faster the website, the higher your Google rankings will be. Therefore, if you'd like to score well in Google's search results, having a fast website is one of the key components to focus on. 

What's next?

Now that the average of all websites is above 85%, we do not just sit back and relax at Garden Connect: the aim is to keep the website there, or even push them to score over 90%. By making changes to the Garden Connect Platform, we hope to prevent that information or elements added by users affects your PageSpeed negatively.

For now, we are very proud of our overall score of 85%!

PageSpeed: fast websites increase conversion
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