6 May 2019

We're in the middle of Spring, but successful garden centres plan ahead and are already thinking about Christmas. Are you still handling your Grotto tickets manually? Stop wasting your time & money and start selling your Grotto tickets online!

MD of Garden Connect, Edwin Meijer, explains how garden centres struggle: "Most of our UK customers are having events during Christmas, like a Grotto or special themed dinners. While meeting our customers, we noticed they were taking bookings manually and trying to process everything in Excel sheets."

Time-consuming process

A time consuming and precise task: "You need to track payments, keep an eye on capacity and make sure the staff members are trained well. One garden centre we spoke to was calling every customer to confirm a booking and invited them to visit the centre to finalise the payment. Very time consuming and it's not the smooth experience you want to offer customers."

Fits your event

"Selling digital tickets via your own garden centre website solves this. We have an automated system to monitor capacity, do extensive reporting and secure online payments via most payment providers. Customers can also select any upsells they want to add, allergies or names of children attending the Grotto. In fact, you can customise it as much as you want."

Easy entrance via free to use app

Attendees only need to show the ticket on their phone or print the PDF confirmation. "A member of staff can scan a barcode with our free-to-use app and will see all information of that specific booking immediately. It saves time and is a great way of giving customers a good experience."

Suitable for any garden centre event

Apart from Grotto tickets, the ticketing service of Garden Connect can be used for workshops, coach trips, the circus, ice rinks and recurring bookings in restaurants. Visit our Online Ticketing page for a free demo.

Time-Saving online Grotto ticket sales
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