6 February 2020

Are you using OpSuite and considering building a webshop? That’s a great idea, since most of your customers are shopping online nowadays. But why would you consider integrating your webshop with OpSuite? And how does an OpSuite integration with your webshop help you to offer a better customer journey?

We’re happy to explain 3 ways how an OpSuite integrated webshop will save you time - every day of the week. And on top of that, we give you an example of an OpSuite integrated webshop so you can see for yourself how this will work.


1. It makes sure everything is 100% correct - all the time

OpSuite will always be your single point of truth. Having one place where you can look up stock and price information saves time and, more importantly, makes sure all information on your webshop is always accurate. 

The integration between OpSuite and your webshop may cost some time (and money), but what are the costs of an upset customer who ordered something only to figure out you ran out of stock? Cancelling an order and having a disappointed customer is expensive in an indirect way. It’s negative feedback and a missed sales opportunity all triggered by one single click.

Garden Connect is one of the parties who has integrated OpSuite into their webshop Platform. Every webshop will have a price and stock check on the product page but also one in the check-out. The latter one is in real-time just to be sure all prices and stock are still in order. This makes sure everything is correct all the time.


2. You can remove the CTRL and C buttons from your keyboard

Are you pulling Excel files from OpSuite and importing them in your webshop? Or even worse, are you using CTRL-C to copy information from one system to another? That’s a recipe for mistakes and incorrect data. And it’s actually boring to do, too.

Apart from synchronising stock and price info, you can pull other product information from OpSuite and publish it in your webshop:

  • Product descriptions
  • Images
  • Specifications
  • Categories
  • ... and so on

Depending on the quality of the data you have on OpSuite, it will save a lot of time to automate this process. Time you can spend on other, more inspiring things, like the marketing of your webshop!


3. Your order info is always accurate

So let’s assume you’ve integrated OpSuite into your webshop and all product data is synced in real time. Great! But how do you track orders and manage stock from now on? It’s important to push order and customer data back into OpSuite to make sure your order info is always accurate. 

The webshop integration with OpSuite is not finished until you’ve closed the loop. To make sure stock info remains correct, you need to push orders back as soon as a transaction has been finished online. After pushing back the order, the stock will be updated on OpSuite accordingly - and consequently on your webshop as well. 

On top of that, Garden Connect has developed an Amazon integration as well. All orders on Amazon will automatically be synced with your webshop Platform and OpSuite. Did you run out of stock? The Amazon integration will make sure the products are removed immediately.


Tip: have a look at how it works!

Seeing is believing! Frosts Garden Centres developed a brand new website and webshop early 2019 which is fully OpSuite integrated. Have a look at www.frostsgardencentres.co.uk and visit the webshop. 

There are numerous ways of integrating OpSuite with your webshop. Perhaps you don’t do stock control? Or do you want to integrate your loyalty card into your webshop as well? There’s never one straight line to the best solution for your garden centre, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how an OpSuite integration could work for your centre.

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