1 August 2019

The future of garden centres

EFSA released their Spring & Summer 2020 trend magazine, which covers expert opinions on the future of garden centres. Edwin Meijer, founder of Garden Connect, shares his opinion on the topic: "The future is bright, as long as you dare to make choices."

Apart from expert opinions, the magazine is packed with the newest trends you can't afford to miss. Do you prefer Family Fresh, Cosmopolitan Cool, Divine Desert or maybe Super Shed? Learn how leading suppliers like Edelman, Capi, Dijk and Woodlodge are setting the trend!


EFSA is a European agency, funded by the European Union. It operates independently as a risk assessor. They produce scientific opinions and advice that form the basis for European policies and legislations. They cover food and feed safety, nutrition, animal health and welfare, plant protection and plant health. They also work on environmental risk assessments, considering the possible impact on the biodiversity of plant and animal habitats. 

Connect with nature

Ulrike Ziegler, Manager EFSA, states in her introduction to the magazine: "We are now experiencing a sharp turnaround, a rising urge to be connected with nature and protect our planet for future generations. This presents huge opportunities for the green retail sector. Whether it concerns plants or other products, retailers who share knowledge and advice about nature and sustainability [...] will be more succesful in attracting this new wave of customers."

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The future of garden centres

The future of garden centres
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