22 November 2022

You may have experienced it: customers who have forgotten their loyalty card. At the checkout, customers find out that their loyalty card is not in their bag or that they have left their wallet at home. Now they can’t save points with their purchase, or you must manually look for their information in your EPOS. This takes a lot of time. That’s a shame! Prevent customers from missing out on points or that a cashier has to link the points to the card manually. Thanks to the solution from Garden Connect and NedFox, customers can forget their loyalty card without any problem.

What if customers forget their loyalty card?

Garden centres currently have various solutions for customers that have forgotten their loyalty cards, such as:

  • Manually look up the customer's data in the EPOS system. This is a time-consuming job which you can’t handle on a busy Saturday.
  • Disappoint the customer and not reward any points. This leads to saddened customers.
  • Refer the customer to your customer service desk to handle it there. This gives the customer service extra work they could have put into other service issues.

Do you use one of the above solutions for people who forget their loyalty cards? Unfortunately, these are all inconvenient and time-consuming for both the customer and the garden centre. Fortunately, Garden Connect and NedFox have the best solution!

Add a voucher code to your receipt

Garden Connect and NedFox have the solution: a voucher code. When a customer notices that he has forgotten his loyalty card, the cashier adds a voucher code to the receipt in the EPOS system.

This voucher code will be placed at the bottom of the ticket. This code contains the number of points that the customer has earned and which he can later link to his customer card. By adding a voucher code to your receipt, customers can forget their customer card without missing out on saved points.

No more time-consuming research for cashiers, but a quick and easy voucher code at the bottom of the receipt.

Redeem points on your website

How does this work? Customers can redeem their points within 90 days by logging in to your website. Once customers have logged in, they enter the voucher code and receipt number. The system then links the saved points from the purchase to the loyalty card and credits the points.

The customer immediately sees the new total number of saved points on their loyalty card.

Customer-friendly solution

Customers who forget their loyalty card didn’t do this on purpose. Therefore, do not punish them by not rewarding any points or rejecting any help on a busy Saturday. Instead, allow them to link the points to their customer card using the voucher code later.

This way, they can continue to save points, and you do not risk a bad review or disappointed customers.

Merryhatton already uses voucher codes

Customers who forget their card are a common issue at every garden centre.

This also occurs at Merryhatton Garden Centre in North Berwick.

Customers who forgot their loyalty card obviously didn’t want to miss out on saving points. Out of customer friendliness, store employees manually added these points to the loyalty cards, but especially during busy times, this took a lot of extra work. 

Merryhatton now has the deferred loyalty option, so customers can add balances on next visit or via the customer login on the site itself.

If customers go to the customer login and click ‘Forgot card’, they can enter their receipt number and the voucher code to process points. 

Want to know more?

Do you want to know how the voucher code solution works, or do you also want to use a voucher code? Please contact us at (+44) 203 475 5541 or email support@gardenconnect.com.

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Update: Forgot your loyalty card? No problem!
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