Update from Garden Connect about the coronavirus

Update from Garden Connect about the coronavirus


Dear Sir/Madam,


There's a lot happening in the world and especially in Europe these days. We want to give you a short update of the measures we've taken so far and what to expect from us the weeks to come. 

  • Due to the nature of our business, all our team members can and will be working from home. You can contact us by phone or e-mail, just like normal.
  • All meetings are cancelled for the remainder of March, as advised by the Dutch government. We're aware the UK and Ireland are still open to visit but we feel it's not responsible to pay visits these days. 
  • When possible, we will invite you to join an online meeting.
  • Our office will be closed to all visitors for the rest of March.
  • Apart from that, it will be business as usual. All projects will continue as planned and we're working hard to make sure all scheduled work will be done on time.


Since the Coronavirus will impact your business as well, feel free to reach out:

  • If you want to limit your AdWords campaigns/budgets
  • If you need to change your opening hours (or just do it yourself via the CMS)
  • If you want to cancel scheduled newsletters
  • If you want to set up an online meeting with us

Our highest priority is the well being of our team and customers and we're confident these measures are sufficient enough for now. Our second priority is to make sure all websites & services will run as usual and we're sure we can make this happen, together with you.



As a side note, we can recommend trying Zoom.us for your online meetings. It's free up to 3 people, works easily and you don't need to install software or create accounts (as with Skype) if you want to join a meeting. All our team meetings are on Zoom.


I wish you well and hope to see & speak with you again soon.


On behalf of the Garden Connect team,


Edwin Meijer