13 May 2019

Garden Connect launches new webshop Provender Nurseries

Garden Connect has renewed the webshop for wholesaler Provender Nurseries. Provender has an 18-acre site in Kent and is working solely for wholesale customers. Garden Connect has built a new webshop for trade customers to place orders. The new webshop is integrated with the TopSys ERP system.
Provender Nurseries has been using a webshop for years: "We're growing fast and our customers really like to have all the information about availability, our stock range and pricing, available 24/7. Our previous webshop was outdated and not integrated with our TopSys ERP so it was time-consuming to update it." explains MD Richard McKenna. 

Strict trade only webshop

"We contacted Garden Connect and discussed our requirements. That went well and in conjunction with TopSys, they created a strict trade only webshop. We can set up credit checks per customer and after logging in, landscapers can setup plant lists for their clients. A very easy and sophisticated system."

TopSys webshop integration

Sjors Hemmen, business developer of Garden Connect: "The TopSys integration was again bespoke development. It's the 35th succesful integration we've made with a third party system. We really liked working with them and are very happy to help Provender Nurseries to make their next step forward. A forward thinking nursery like Provenders should have a webshop matching its ambitions."
Please visit www.provendernurseries.co.uk and www.gardenconnect.com for more information.
Screenshot of Provender Nurseries | New homepage
Garden Connect launched a new website: Provender Nurseries
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