19 November 2020

You've probably heard something about it recently: Local SEO marketing. But what's new about Local SEO marketing and what's the difference when compared to regular search engine optimisation (SEO)? Isn't it just the same with another name?

To answer that last question right away: no, it is not the same with a different name. Of course, there are similarities between regular (organic) search engine optimisation and Local SEO, but the differences are clear and we think they are important to understand. In this article, we'll explain the difference between regular SEO and Local SEO.

The main difference: the location

When optimising the findability of a website, you use search terms. The main difference between normal search engine optimisation and Local SEO marketing is that the latter always includes a location.

Regular search engine optimisation focuses on words like:

●      Buy houseplant webshop

●      Artificial Christmas tree online

●      Woodlodge pots

However, Local SEO marketing always includes a location:

●      Buy houseplant Vancouver

●      Christmas tree Edinburgh

●      Woodloge pot Exet

●      Garden centre Newcastle

Depending on your search query, you will also immediately see in Google where you can buy houseplants in the Vancouver area:

Local SEO explained by Garden Connect

The first part of the search results are Google Maps listings and only below that you will see the regular, organic search results. With search engine optimisation you focus exclusively on the search results and with Local SEO marketing, the Google Maps listings are also part of the scope. Since these are above the organic results, this is very important.

Why is Local SEO Marketing Important?

Local SEO marketing is important for your garden centre because people who add a location always have the intention to do, view or buy something near them.

After all, otherwise, you wouldn't add a location to your search, right?

Since 46% of the searches are now based on a place or location, it is vital that you are visible to this group of searchers.

So is regular search engine optimisation no longer important?

Regular search optimisation is certainly still important, but you use it for a different purpose.

If you want to attract new customers from your own area to your garden centre, Local SEO marketing is the way to go. That’s also the reason why we ask all our users without a serious webshop to switch from “normal” search engine optimisation to Local SEO marketing.

But if you have a webshop and you want to sell nationally or even internationally, regular search engine optimisation is still the best solution. You have to score on keywords without a location. If you search in Google for “Garden Pots” you will not see any Google Maps listings but only ads and organic results:

Local SEO Garden Connect

If you have a garden centre webshop and you’re selling nationwide, search engine optimisation is the best solution. If your focus is mainly on your garden centre and you mainly use your webshop as a showroom, then Local SEO marketing is the best solution. There is one addition to this and that is when you are just starting with SEO for a new webshop. This is because SEO isn’t achieved in a day. It is best to start competing on a regional level and grow it to a national level instead of trying to compete directly with everyone.

What are the similarities between these two ways of search engine optimisation?

Because Local SEO marketing and search engine optimisation are both aimed at attracting more traffic to your website via Google, there are many similarities between these services.

For example, you have to optimise the content of your website, ensure more incoming links and optimize the technology.

The difference is therefore in the interpretation of these elements:

●      Which content do you optimise and which keywords do you use for this?

●      Which inbound links are you going to request?

●      Which technical adjustments do you have to make?

Because Local SEO marketing focuses on a smaller target group, this is always cheaper than regular search engine optimisation.

After all, with search engine optimisation you have to compete with all your potential competitors from home and abroad and with Local SEO marketing you only have to look at your colleagues in your own area.


Local SEO marketing

Regular SEO


Your own region


When do you do it

If you just started

Your next step to grow


Get more customers to your garden centre

Main focus on online sales, store visits are secondary

Online sales

Not required, your webshop is mostly an online showroom

Advised as it allows you to measure the return on your investment

Get started with Local SEO Marketing!

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What’s the difference between regular Search Engine Optimisation and Local SEO marketing?
Edwin Meijer

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Edwin Meijer

Co-founder & CMO

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