Yes, we updated our terms & conditions!

25 mei 2018
Yes, we updated our terms & conditions!

We can't make it any nicer than it is, but sometimes we need to do something which is a bit boring. We've updated our terms & conditions and added a processing agreement to it, to comply with the new GDPR legislation.

You can check our new terms & conditions on our website, click here. Within the processing agreement, all details how we store and process data of you & your customers are being described. It also makes clear what obligations we have and how we make sure we process data within the GDPR legislation. That's pretty important since the GDPR becomes effective today. Haven't you checked it yet, this would be the time to do it since our T&C applies to all our services and if you keep using them, you automatically agree.

We also made a new privacy policy for our own website which can be found here.

Last but not least: today, the 25th of May, the GDPR legislation becomes effective. If you're not sure how this affects your business, you can join the last webinar on this topic, click here. It's your own responsibility to comply with it, so use this opportunity to learn more!