Garden Connect has made a full integration with OpSuite, one of the leading EPoS systems in the industry. Many garden centres in the UK and Ireland are using OpSuite, provided by Davidson Richards, whether they are single-site or multi-branch centres and Garden Connect offers a full integration. 

The integration between the Garden Connect Platform and OpSuite integrates webshops and loyalty scheme systems to save time and allows you to run an effortless online business. 

OpSuite webshop integration

Using the OpSuite API, your webshop will never be out of date. We can sync data between your EPoS and the Garden Connect platform to keep your webshop up to date, including:

  • Product information
  • Pricing
  • Stock levels
  • Images
  • Categories
  • Descriptions
  • ... and much more

The OpSuite integration handles promotions as well, making sure your discounts and bulk pricing is handled well. The development teams of Davidson Richards and Garden Connect work closely together to assure a seamless integration.

OpSuite integration loyalty card

Garden centres using OpSuite for their loyalty scheme can use the integration to enhance the experience of their cardholders. New cardholders can register their card online and log on the website or webshop. After a customer logs in, they are able to:

  • Open receipts of online & offline purchases
  • Amend contact details
  • Check their points/credit on their card

The loyalty card can also be integrated into the webshop, allowing customers to:

  • Make repetitive orders
  • Get points for online purchases
  • Avoid entering all their details in the checkout

The OpSuite integration with the Garden Connect Platform saves time for both garden centres and customers and offers a fully omnichannel experience.


Scan & Go App OpSuite integration loyalty card


Scan & Go App

On top of that, together with Davidson Richards we offer an exclusive Scan & Go App. The Scan & Go App can be used with the customer still scanning their own purchases and at the payment stage, they can be requested to visit any till point using the OpSuite retail management and EpoS solution. The entire customer basket can be processed at the till with a single scan of their phone and the payment processed as usual.


Do you want to integrate your loyalty scheme or webshop with OpSuite? Or are you interested to learn more about the Scan & Go App? Feel free to reach out to us via +44 203 475 5541 or send an e-mail to Sjors at Alternatively, go to for more information.

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