Did you know that 46% of online searches are directed at the consumer's current location? People use Google to find shops, restaurants, showrooms and of course garden products.

Garden Connect makes your garden centre visible to customers in your region. Through local SEO marketing, we ensure that you are visible at the right moment and all the right devices. We help guide people from the internet to your garden centre, every day of the year.

Why is Local SEO Marketing important?

With local SEO Marketing we make sure that consumers find your garden centre when they use search phrases like “nearby”, “in the neighbourhood” or “[your area]”. It’s not hard to guess the intention of someone looking for a “garden centre nearby”. 

Searches in Google are always done with a goal in mind. This goal is what we call the search intent. These can range from answers to simple questions and from comparing similar products to looking to complete a purchase. By understanding and playing into the search intent of consumers you can pull more customers to the garden centre. And in the end, that’s what we want to accomplish with Local SEO Marketing.

The steps of Local SEO Marketing

So how do we get online consumers to find and visit your garden centre? Promoting footfall is a step by step process. We have developed a strategy to increase your online findability.  

Our strategy consists of three distinct activities that are executed and also evaluated by our team of certified online marketing specialists: 

  1. Posting and optimising specific content on the website: extensive information regarding your garden centre and product range will be posted including photos, links to other pages and place names. This is done on the basis of search words and structured data in the source code of the website. Online shop information will be expanded with opening hours, online reviews and Google maps. By adding all of this content Google will ‘learn’ a lot about your garden centre.  

  2. Local link building: To grow your findability we have developed a link building strategy that increases your website authority in the region. Link building means adding links from relevant pages to your garden centre website. We will be adding both standard links to your homepage in business directories and home pages and ‘deep’ links to optimised pages deep in your website. 

  3. Optimising business directories: Lastly, we will add your garden centre to several online business directories, like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Apple Maps and Yelp. The pages will contain optimised content, including unique photos and references to the website and your garden centre.

Start with Local SEO Marketing

Every day people are looking for products that you sell in the garden centre so you have to make sure that you are visible so they will visit your garden centre. We can develop a strategy that leads to more footfall based on your area, your ambitions and the set budget.

Our Local SEO marketing helps to increase the visibility of your garden centre by using a combination of new technologies and proven strategies. We work for over 300 companies in the horticultural industry and have been doing so since 2002. 

Are you ready to boost your garden centre’s footfall? Get in touch today. Call us at +44 020 375 5541 or mail info@gardenconnect.com for an appointment with one of our experts. 

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