Get the most out of your loyalty card

A loyalty card is a great way to collect information about your customers, both online and offline. A loyalty card can be applied to many of our services: on the websites, online shops and apps that we create, for example. We also help you get the best out of your loyalty card through targeted emails and extensive reports, and together we will make sure that your customers experience their loyalty card as something truly special.

Online loyalty card

Garden Connect helps you to set up your loyalty card properly. Together with your point of sale system-supplier, we ensure an efficient online process. This would include:

  • Online registration or request
  • Welcome email
  • Integration with your online shop
  • Easy login on your website

Together, we'll ensure that you'll reach the goals you want to achieve with your loyalty card. We offer you an extensive report on a monthly basis as well as a postal code analysis that you can use in your marketing plan. We can also help you to get loyalty card holders to make larger purchases more often.

Your own loyalty card app

Many customers don't want a card these days and prefer to use their smartphone as a loyalty card. Your shop can use its own app in which the loyalty card is requested and processed. Additionally, the customer will have access to his receipts, current points, and can use his digital wish list. This is linked to the online shop, customers can check what they want at home and complete their purchase instore.

Unique functions

Garden Connect has extensive experience with loyalty cards and the Garden Connect CMS has numerous unique functions. You can indicate to yourself what you would like to use and in which way you would like to use the loyalty card:

  • My Garden, with a personalised gardening advice
  • Saving points or cashing these in your online shop
  • Online- and offline purchases in one account
  • Purchase-focused emails through Personal Marketing
  • Automatic reminder for inactive customers

What's more...

We can help you get more revenue out of your customer database, process special discounts for loyalty card holders in the online shop and provide all online communication concerning your loyalty card.

More information?

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