Online marketing for the garden industry

How do you get more visitors to your garden centre? How do you make your website easy to find? How do you create a profitable Google Ads campaign? Garden Connect is an official Google Partner and has extensive experience in setting up and optimising marketing campaigns. Thanks to this experience, we can offer valuable advice quickly: we know the industry and the competitors and can recognise opportunities for you as a client.

Marketing for online shops

Online shops looking to grow often look at visitor numbers. But more visitors doesn't always translate into more profit. That is why we also consider the following aspects:

  • Visitor behaviour
  • Conversion rates
  • Competitors
  • The content you've posted

It's important for us to constantly look for areas to improve on, so we'll stop by regularly to discuss results with you. Continually optimising an online shop and simultaneously drawing more visitors is what will make the online shop truly successful.

Search engine optimisation

A website that's impossible to find is useless, but, for you as a client, search engine optimisation can often be an unclear process. What exactly will be done and what are you spending your money on? At Garden Connect, we are open and transparent. We have an effective approach to make websites easy to find and you will always be able to have an overview of the costs and results. This way, you'll be sure that goals are being accomplished and you'll know where your budget is being spent.

Always in the picture

As a brand, you want to be visible at the right moment. Garden Connect ensures that your brand is always in your target audience's line of vision. Google Ads and banner campaigns help to do this. As such, we deliver campaigns for, amongst others:

  • Premium brands that are launching products
  • Trade shows and events in the garden industry
  • Christmas shows
  • Various garden centres
  • Fireworks sales

Thanks to our expertise we know exactly where to find your target audience online and we make sure that your brand is visible.

What's more...

We offer you a complete package of marketing service, including linkages with parties like Amazon, Tradetracker and Kiyoh that help you sell more. We're also happy to help you make your event a success.

More information?

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